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Over 40 years of inmate visitation

For over 40 years, the Person to Person (P2P) inmate visitation program has matched volunteers with male inmates at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary. These visits provide the inmate with positive social support that can help build integrity in their lives and lessen feelings of isolation. Inmates voluntarily sign up for the program, and there is always a waiting list for inmates needing a volunteer. Since the program’s inception in 1974, over 2500 inmates have been visited, with some volunteers driving as far as Kerrobert, SK – a 7 hr round trip!

Information for Volunteering

Volunteers commit to visiting an inmate once a month for 2hrs. These visits take place in a group setting with other volunteers and program staff. Volunteers are provided with comprehensive training and mentorship and supported by staff. A P2P Coordinator or institutional staff person is always in the room during visits and is there to assist volunteers with any issues or questions.

The P2P Coordinator is highly committed to the inmate-volunteer relationship and encourages open communication between all parties.

“We believe that warm, nurturing friendship is a basic need of all people and is the catalyst that promotes healing of offenders. P2P sees offenders, as well as victims, as wounded people, and reaches out to involve those hurting people in strong healthy relationships that offer hope.”
– Volunteer


Positive social connection is the most powerful healing tool humans have. Volunteers with passion for engaging with those in our justice system with compassion and support are needed.

By becoming a volunteer in our programs, you will provide a positive social connection to those who are most isolated in our society.

“The visits help me feel more human than I was feeling – it has helped me turn my life around — no more suicide attempts.”

– Prisoner